Vini Costa Farnel

Where ferns and creeper plants have always grown luxuriantly in an extraordinary microclimate: that’s where the COSTA FARNEL farm is nestled, amidst the Prosecco di Conegliano and Valdobbiadene hills.

It’s where a centuries-old culture has etched deeply into the landscape and the soul of one of the loveliest areas ofly, where everything has the scent of wine and other memorable flavors.

The hilly landscape of the foothills reveals a tectonic type of origin.

This means that ancient deposits of loose materials - over time with the pressure and movement of mineral-laden fluids - first turned into rock and then, deformed by potent forces from inside the planet, took the position they currently occupy.

Thanks to the mountain barrier in the Alpine foothills, an authentic protective cordo the plains, mild autumns and winters not so cold.

Great passion is the inspirational force behind the people who work at COSTA FARNEL, tracing a path that draws incentive for advancement in high-quality production; in the best that a winemaking business can give, making the most of consolidated expertise expressed in a state-of-the-art context where the technical aspect is always totally respectful of tradition.

The symbol of Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore is spumante, a sparkling wine.

And, thanks to the DOCG guarantee, before being placed on the market every bottle is subject to strict controls and then numbered to ensure the consumer utmost product quality.

This modern and elegant sparkling wine is called the "welcome wine" - as in, where hospitality and friendship sit at the same table.